Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Perfect Puff Band

A Perfect Puff Band

You adjust by pulling the clamp.

See how my finger is able to slide in...Not tight at all

Hi Curlies! I'm back with another review this time its on an adjustable elastic headband called a Perfect Puff.When Ericka Davis the inventor of Perfect Puff,First contact me regarding doing a review on this AWESOME band I was More than HAPPY to say yes and give it a try. I’m always looking for different elastic bands to pull my hair up with.I really don’t like using scrunches or rubber bands because they always pull on my hair, and it always ends up being way too tight for my head.This band is an adjustable elastic band with a fastener that allows you to adjust the size of the band for the circumference of your head.You can create a mega puff,big puff, or small puff.I really LOVED this band!!!! It wasn’t too tight on  my head and it was very easy to adjust the fastener to rock whatever size puff I desired.The Perfect Puff band is a great accessory for all curlie girls!!!! Check out all the different size puff styles I created in the photos.You  can buy the The Perfect Puff band at You can also check out the  Facebook page @ A Perfect Puff.



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