Monday, September 2, 2013

2 Steps to Sealing in Moisture

Step 1. While hair is freshly shampooed or co-washed and still wet apply a leave-in conditioner and/ or moisturizing cream. Make sure that the leave-in conditioner and moisturizing cream have WATER as the first or second ingredient, that way you know it is a true moisturizer.The water  helps to keep the hair strands with moisture. Don’t use oil or butter on dry unmoisturized hair! This only will block out any moisture and leave your hair dry.

Step 2.Then you apply oils or butters all over your hair .This will help seal in the moisture from the leave-in creams and conditioners.Please remember that oils and butters Are NOT moisturizers.To properly seal in moisture, You need all 2 of these steps!

So,what do you use to moisturize and seal ? How often do you have to moisturize your hair?

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