Monday, April 22, 2013

Yogurt Dandruff Treatment

A thick coat of plain yogurt applied to your scalp can ease itching and treat dandruff. The yogurt works to stimulate hair growth and fight dandruff by acting as a natural cleanser that tightens and clarifies the pores on your scalp. The protein properties help to strengthen and moisturize your hair and to tame persistent, pesky fly-aways by smoothing your strands. The creamy consistency and antibacterial ingredients help to soothe your scalp and reduce any itchiness.

Simply whip some plain yogurt in a bowl mixing well...The amount of yogurt depends on the length of your hair.... Rub the yogurt into the scalp. Continue the process until the yogurt has been massaged into your entire scalp  from roots to ends. Leave the yogurt in for at least an hour...Then rinse the yogurt out with lukewarm water and shampoo hair.

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