Monday, September 10, 2012

Review : Nappturalistic Beauty Daily Styling Products

                Love Joy Sampler Bundle set

All ingredients 100% natural & organic with no parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, silicones or sulfates
Whipped Moisturizing Hair & Body Butter( nice thick consistency )

Hydrating Daily Leave in Conditioner  I love the thick consistency:)
Hello Curlies!!! I was afforded the opportunity by Latrisa Giles the owner of Nappturalistic Beauty to review     5  of the products from the Love Joy Sampler Bundle.I received the package a little over a week ago and wanted to try on my hair and my daughter's hair for a few days before doing the review:)In the package I received the Moisturizing Hair Milk,Hydrating Daily Leave In Conditioner,Super Hair Spritzer,Hair Growth Serum Blend, Whipped Moisturizing Hair & Body Butter & a  free sample of 100% Black Soap.All the products are 100% Natural &Organic that are suitable for all hair types :
 kinky,curly,wavy,coily, transitioning ,relaxed or colored.

On my daughter's hair I used the Whipped Moisturizing Hair & Body Butter. As you can see in the above picture it gave good definition to her bang twist out  the smell of this product is so lovely.

I started out with my hair freshly washed. I  followed-up using the Hydrating Daily leave in Conditioner.I really liked the slip from the leave- in :)It left my hair feeling very soft, and  I really loved the smell from this product it's like a nice fruity scent.I sealed the moisture  in using the Hair Growth Serum Blend.I  proceeded in twisting my hair in big sections using a dime size amount for each section using the Moisturizing Hair Milk.The hair milk is also  just like the consistency of the leave-in and the whipped  butter very nice ,and thick a lot goes a long way:) I'm so HAPPY that I got the opportunity to try these products from the Nappturalistic Beauty line. When my twist were unraveled oh my goodness !!! My hair was so moisturized and was super soft!My hair feels very light weight.  My chunky twist out look GOOD!
This product  line is good for soften  your hair moisturizes the hair ,while nourishing the scalp and stimulating growth all at the same time:) Does your hair need Moisture,shine & Growth?
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Here is a few photos ....
second day hair ..I refresh my twist out with the Super Growth Spritzer and my   hair instantly reshaped

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