Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Herbal Essences Unbreakable Seduction Conditioner

Herbal Essences Unbreakable Seduction Conditioner
(retail 10.0 oz  $2.99)

Thick consistency 

Conditioner on my hair

Hi Curlies!!! Here I am posting another  product I stumbled upon at Target on clearance for $2.54. It's from Herbal Essences and it's called "Unbreakable Seduction." I usually always use Herbal Essences  Hello Hydration in the blue bottle for my co-washes,But when I saw this product  was a clearance item just had to purchaseJApparently the line is meant for strengthening and it has royal jasmine and sea silk in it.I really love this product! It smells so amazing and it left my hair really SUPER soft.I really loved the thick consistencey too! I will definitely be using this product again for my co-washes J

Has anyone else seen this product and/or tried it?

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  1. Ok this is 3 for 3 w HE! Honey I'm strong, hello hydration and now unbreakable seduction!!! Yep I bought it today. Didn't think twice. Actually had LTR in my hand to try for the 1st time bcz so many positive reviews, and saw heus guess what? Yep I politely changed my mind and went for it. Thought it was brand new but I guess it's been out fif some time. EXCITED! How did it work for ya