Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bubble Hair

Naturals, did you know that…..
If you are blowing drying your hair or using flat irons, on your hair on a regular basis that it can reduce the moisture content in your hair. Hair dryers and flat irons can soften the keratin of your hair.
If the heat appliances are too hot, they can actually cause the water in the hair to actually boil, and tiny bubbles, spaces of stem that form inside softened hair shaft. Eventually, the steam can cause numerous tiny bubbles near the ends of your hair. The hair is weakened, and may break the hair altogether. This is called the “bubble hair’ which is an abnormality of the hair shaft, It occurs when wet or damp hair is heated excessively, severely weakening the cortex, damaging the cuticle and eventually resulting in hair breakage and the messing up your curl pattern also.Bubble hair syndrome is irreversible due to the destruction of the cortex and the acute weakening of the surrounding cuticle.
*To prevent damage, let hair air dry whenever possible.
*Always try to use low heat settings when using any heat appliance.
*Always buy a blow dryer with a diffuser.
*Always remember to purchase curling irons, ceramic irons, blow dryers with variable temperature settings.

Peace &Love