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6 Low Manipulation Hair Styles

6 Low Manipulation Hair Styles

Low Manipulation,is styles that keep you from having to comb your hair too often. These convenient styles can be worn, for several days, with little to no manipulation, which can give your hair a break from harsh heat styling, combing and brushing. Low manipulation styles help in retaining length and will lead to stronger, thicker hair that will allow you to accomplish your hair growth goals.Braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots, pin curls, flexi rod sets, roller sets etc. are all under the category of low manipulation styles. These styles require no direct heat (blow dryer or flat iron) and barely any energy or skill on your part. They are easy to do and healthier style choices since direct heat is the quickest way to dry out the hair.

1. Roller or Straw Sets -  You can use a setting lotion like Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll or Lotta body, some end papers, curling rods or plastic straws and roll your wet hair. Let air dry or sit under a hooded dryer until your hair is dry. Remove the rods or straws, separate the curls and finger comb.

2Twist or Braid Outs - Wash, condition, deep condition, apply moisturizer, seal with oil and then braid or two-strand twist your hair into medium sections. Let air dry. Once dry, unravel the twists or braids, finger comb.

3. Wash-n-Go - The simplest low manipulation style ever. I wore this style all the time right after my big chop. You will do your wash or co-wash regimen and apply a curly gel or conditioner to maintain your curl pattern and to keep your ends from drying out. Finger comb and place a cute headband, bow or flower in your hair.

4. Bantu Knots - Wash your hair thoroughly and condition it so you can detangle your hair easily. Apply shea butter, then comb through your hair to remove all the tangles before you begin to make Bantu knots. Part your hair into sections. You can make the sections of different shapes and sizes. The general rule is that longer hair gets larger sections, but you're free to make them as large or small as you like. Note that the bigger the hair segment, the bigger your knot. Take one segment at a time and twist it until it's a tight twist that collapses onto itself. Twist the piece around and tuck the end of the strand under itself. You can secure the Bantu knot with covered bands or hair pins with plastic tips. Add accessories such as beads to the knots if you like.

5. Flat Twists - I like to flat twist the front of my hair and wear the back in a wash n go style. Flat twists are simple twist that are parted into sections and lay close to the scalp. You can use an alcohol free styling to twist your hair and wet and finger comb the back of your hair and you will look fabulous. This style can last for the week.

6.Mo-hawks or fro-hawks - I  love tosee the ladies rocking them. You will need to cornrow your hair up or back, just leave the middle section loose. When you're done with the cornrows, wet the middle section and then do a roller set, either with plastic straws or curling rods. Once dry, finger comb the style as high as you want and this low manipulation style will last for a week!!

Or you can always go with a simple high bun or low bun

Happy Low Manipulating, 

Afro Zee

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