Monday, April 30, 2012


Transitioning to natural hair...I wore braids the whole time. 

Congrats!!!!You decided to go natural by growing out your relaxer. Here are a few tips for caring for transitioning hair.
·  Avoid heat.   Heat can really dry out and permanently damage our hair. The worst thing that you can do to your hair is to press or flat iron to blend the two textures.  This will cause the hair to break at the demarcation line, which is the line where the relaxed hair meets the natural hair aka new growth. The demarcation line is the weakest part of your hair when you are transitioning.  If you must have it straight do it once or twice a monthJ

·    Put your hair in protective styles .Where you're not obsessing about hair length every minute of the day. Find styles that will blend the two textures such as perm rod sets ( very small rollers originally used for curly perms you can find them at beauty supply stores), roller sets, braid-outs, twist outs, bantu knot outs, box braids, micro twists, and kinky twists or sew in weaves.
·   Have your braids touched up your braids between appointments. If you are using braids to transition, get the front and sides touched up between braiding. This is where a lot of product and gunk builds up. Having it touched up every two weeks between full braiding’s will keep your hair looking nice and keep the edges from being so tangled when your take them down.
·   Always detangle from tip to end. Detangling transitioning hair requires patienceJ.First you will want to start from the ends of the hair while you have conditioner on your hair. Separate the hair into four sections, and apply conditioner to each section. Detangling your hair is very important!! Failing to detangle properly will lead to hair breakage and failing to detangle at all will cause the hair to matte.
·  Keep your hair moisturized. Dry hair breaks. Nothing beats water when it comes to moisturizing hair, this is the time you can start using natural hair products to seal your hair.

· Protect Your Edges. Avoid transitioning styles that put too much tension on your temples and the nape of your neck. These areas are much finer and delicate!!!

  • Set a cutting/trimming schedule.
  • Only use hair scissors to trim your ends. Never cut anything else with those scissors.
  • If you feel uncomfortable trimming your ends ask the help of a friend or go to a salon. My friend was actually the one who cut my endsJ
Quick Tips
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos when shampooing
  • Detangle from ends to roots.
  • Minimal styling to prevent breakage.
  • Do not flat iron or press the hair to match textures.
  • Deep condition every other week especially right after a shampoo.
  • Keep the hair moisturized with a water based product.
  • Do not use products with petroleum or mineral oil as the first ingredient.

Do you have some tips that you would like to add to this list? Please leave below in the comment box.
Thanks & Good Luck
Afro  Diva Zee

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